Machaut’s Notre Dame Mass

Casa do Infante, which took on this name because it was the birthplace of Prince Henry the Navigator who was born there in 1394,is one of the oldest buildings in Porto and it was originally built to hold Portugal’s Crown Services, as well as the Customs house, the Royal Mint (Casa da Moeda) and the Exchequer’s Accounting Offices. King D. Afonso IV ordered it to be built in 1325. The building originally had two high towers and a patio in the middle, but then King D. John I ordered a more advanced building to be built. It is within this space that we will have the opportunity to listen to a piece from the same era this building was built in: The Mass of Notre Dame (Mass of Our Lady) by Guillaume de Machaut (c.1300-1377), a mass for four voices, composed between 1360 and 1365, the greatest reference of the end of the Middle Ages, having been the first polyphonic mass in a homogeneous style in the history of Music.



19th May, Saturday

Casa do Infante
Machaut’s Notre Dame Mass ⋅ Grupo Vocal Olisipo