Igreja de São João Novo | In Spiritum 2019

Stabat Mater | Pergolesi Bomtempo Orchestra, Patrycja Gabrel, Carolina Figueiredo, Cesário Costa (direction) The São João Novo Church was built in the 17th-18th century, belonging to the Convent of the Hermits of St. Augustine. Inside, the golden altarpiece and tiles by Bartolomeu Antunes date back to 1741. Composed five years previously, in 1736, Pergolesi’s “Stabat […]

Casa do Infante | In Spiritum 2019

Dance and fantasy from the Age of the Discovery  18th may Ricardo Leitão Pedro In 1414, Prince Henry the Navigator convinced his father, King John I, to launch a military attack and conquer Ceuta. By August the following year, Portugal was in control of the city as well as the maritime trade routes between the […]