Ballroom music in Porto during the Belle Époque

During the first decades of the 20th century, the Ateneu Comercial do Porto was a very eclectic space where a wide range of activities took place,which included dance get-togethers, music/literary soirees, exhibitions and musical matinees which were led by amateur performers. It was also during this period that Porto discovered the apogee of the so-called “caffé concertos”, which were inspired by Parisian cafés. People used to go to venues such as the Salão Jardim da Trindade or Jardim Passos Manuel, where drinks and dinners were served until late, to dance. Entertainment was ensured by a small orchestra which used to play salon music, such as fox-trots, polkas, tangos, waltzes, marches and many other popular styles of the era. The program of this concert aims to recreate the Belle Époque atmosphere here in Porto.



20th May, Sunday

Ateneu Comercial do Porto
Ballroom music in Porto during the Belle Époque Soloists from Bomtempo Orchestra