Lucien Lambert and French music at the turn of the 19th century

Lucien Lambert was a French pianist and composer who was born in Paris in 1855 and passed away in Porto in 1945.He spent a part of his childhood in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and returned to Paris in 1875 in order to study at the Conservatoire de Paris with Jules Massenet and Theodore Dubois. He composed music for theatre, such as the “lyrical scene” Prométhée enchaîné, or the ballet La Roussalka and operas Brocéliande, Le Spahi and La Marseillaise. When France was invaded by the German army in 1914, he sought refuge in Porto. He was a professor of music composition at Porto’s Conservatório de Música, having played a fundamental role in the formation of new composers, including Manuel Faria, Berta Alves de Sousa, Claudio Carneyro, to name a few.

During this concert, we will listen to a modern interpretation and debut of Lambert’s String Quartet, which was composed in 1930, as well as two key pieces from the French court’s repertoire at the turn of the 19th century: Méditation (Thaïs) by Massenet and String Quartet in F major by Maurice Ravel.



20th May, Sunday

Conservatório de Música do Porto
Lucien Lambert and the French music at the turn of the 19th century ⋅  ESMAE’s String Quartet